Knock Knock!

Wow, I feel like a very inconsistent leader lol. I’m so sorry for being so inactive, but it’s because I always get behind on the comic. I’m slowly catching up now though! 

Anyway, I’m going to try and bring this RP group back again. I think, aside from me as Axis, I’m going to clear the cast list once more and open up the roles since it’s been a very long time since anyone has posted.

If you’re interested in joining, go ahead and send a message!

Hello! We're a new Teahouse RP Group and we were wondering if you would like to become affiliates with our group?

Oh, sure! We haven’t really been active, but yeah go for it!

Sacha is reserved

Our new Mercutio ⇢

Mercutio and Lilith are reserved, and Linneus is now open

Sooooo sorry for the lack of updating

I suppose I’ve been bad with inactivity, so that’s not helping my aspirations of keeping this group active!

Anyway, some characters have been reserved, and I’ll make a post of that now~

(OOC-out of character) I'm a little interested in RPing as Gilder, but I am not sure I have the time. Is it super time consuming?

Well, right now, it’s a bit dead. You’ve noticed since I just NOW am responding, but I like for everyone to respond at least weekly.

Yes and no... Do you guys RP on a forum? on a tumblr? by email?

On tumblr. Every character has their own blog.

Linneus has been reserved

Howdy. I was wondering where the RP mainly happens so I could check it out before settling on who to play with you guys. Thanks!

Um… If I understand you correctly, you’re asking who’s RPing the most right now? It’s not really anyone since we don’t have much of the cast, nor is what we have of the cast very active. However, I know that our Reed and Xanthe/Evelyn are wonderful RPers who reply quite frequently. I hope that helps with your decision?

Updated the cast list

A lot of new roles have been opened up. Basically, everyone except Axis, Reed, Evelyn, and Atros.

If you’re interested in joining, feel free to ask~


Claret and Rory are now open


pillowtalkin replied to your post: Okay, I think I’ll do this

I am Reedthe3rd and I want to keep my account

I was expecting that~

You’re safe, bb.


Okay, I think I’ll do this

Within the week, I’ll be opening ALL OF THE ROLES up

If you plan to stay and want to keep RPing, then you have to let me know BY NEXT THURSDAY, August 9th.

If you don’t your role is open.


Plus, if you guys became independent blogs, you’d get have more RPing going on…